Friday, November 16, 2007

Yeah, It's Been Forever

So I haven't written forever and I could come up with a multitude of excuses like how I got a new job (true), have been coaching my Under 12's for a tournament next month (true), or how I lost all my fingers in a cooking incident and have been unable to type ever since. That one is false. But anyways, how have Arsenal been doing during my time you say, and what does the Arsenole have to say about it, being the leader in Arsenal nonsense. Well I suppose for the day back I'll just ramble on about that.

The League: We're a little over a quarter way into the Premiership season and we are still undefeated. Usually your table position after ten games is a good sign of what we'll see at the end of the season, and we couldn't be in a better place than first. We got through that rough patch at Liverpool 1-1 and home to Manchester 2-2 before we got winning again finally at Reading 3-1. Adebayor finally scored again, it had been like five or six matches I think and he said it was affecting his confidence but he should be on track now, so expect seventeen goals vs Wigan. We need to keep up our good form and come back from the break strong against Wigan because after that we have Chelsea which is always tough. Two draws against them last year so we'll need to improve on that this year.

Champion's League: Only game that happened while I was on my voluntary leave of absence was the return trip to Sparta Prague. I actually watched all of that game and it was probably the biggest waste of time in my entire life. It finished 0-0 and was completely boring. We didn't even have a shot until the 85th minute. Nobody had a great game and nobody was complete shite either but it did put us through to the knockout rounds.

Alright so that'll keep everyone up to date if you guys didn't read the interweb at all during my absence which is highly unlikely. Now onto some news, not that there is all that much.

Abou Diaby says he's not getting enough first team football and he's not happy about it. When asked about his future he said he likes being at Arsenal but he may look to move clubs next summer if his opportunities don't increase. I think every player in our squad must think they should start every game or something. I feel like Diaby has been in plenty of games considering he is still only 21 and is developing but it'd be a shame to lose him. He has plenty of quality and I really hope he stays.

The Telegraph has a story about us looking into Gabriel Agbonlahor, which is a horrible name for an announcer to have to shout I would think. They say we'll try to bid 15 million quid for him which is rubbish. He's not even worth half of that. He may be a good player someday but he is definitely not worth that much now.

Kolo Toure's brother, Yaya, says he wants his Barcelona team to play Arsenal in the Champion's League. It would be a real clash of titans to get two legs vs them but I don't want it yet. Be a better tie later in the competition. But can you imagine when Henry returns to play against us at the Emirates? It will be interesting.

And that's all I have. Probably throw something together too. Later

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