Monday, November 26, 2007

Wenger Prepared To Rotate

Yes, Arsene Wenger is going to rotate the squad for tomorrow's match versus Sevilla. If we win this one we clinch the top spot in the group, which would be good because I think you do have better luck against a second seed than a first. I don't think we would play Liverpool if they do qualify either, because I don't think you can play another English side yet? Maybe that's totally wrong but I think I heard that.

"Some players will be rested for Sevilla. I will rotate and it will be maybe a similar side to that against Slavia."

If you watched the match against Slavia you know that we were a bit shite and got a 0-0 draw with our first shot on goal coming in the 85th minute. Although it's not a crucial game I'd like for us to win it and clinch the top spot. Perhaps we'll see Gilberto get a game in midfield, which would be nice to watch and also it should make him a bit happier than he has been this year. I doubt Cesc will play although since he missed the Wigan match Wenger may play him some to keep him on form.

Kolo Toure is quite happy that William Gallas is the captain. He says that Gallas should be mentioned along with other great captains such as Vieira, Adams, and *cough* Thierry Henry, who was not so good of a captain perhaps.

"I have played under some fantastic captains but I think William deserves to be mentioned among those names because he is such a strong figure.

"He has great maturity in a really young team and that's so important.

"The young players listen to him because they respect him so much."

Gallas had another great performance against Wigan, with a goal and some good defense and he has shown himself to be quite a good captain so far. Hopefully he can keep the team together through this next month because it will be quite a rough one. I know at one point we have three away matches in a row. That will be a test for us and as you know we also play Chelsea.

Speaking of Chelsea, Cuntley Cole has been talking again. He's saying how he'll show the Arsenal fans something after they threw money at him at Stanford Bridge. As we all know Cole is a money-grubbing cunt and he deserves everything he gets. Like how his team have a fat twat like Frank Lampard, and how we are top of the league and have a better left back now that he is gone.

"Compared to what happened to the England guys, I am sure I will get much worse when I go back to Arsenal," Cole said in the Daily Mail.

"But I am used to it, and I am looking forward to the game. I want to go there and play them because I did not get to play there earlier this year.

"I will go there and front up. I am a grown man. They (the Arsenal fans) threw money at me at Stamford Bridge, and that was bad, but I get that every game. I love it.

"It would be nice to go there and shut some people up. It's going to be tough though."

Hopefully Gilberto or Kolo or Gallas decide to shove a foot down his throat.

And that's about all for today. Work is killing me so I haven't been able to write much but I'm trying to keep up. Match tomorrow. Up the Gunners.

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