Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wenger Sent Off in 3-1 Loss to Sevilla

The 28 match unbeaten run is over. Still undefeated in the league for the year but it's weird to have to write about a defeat, since we haven't had one since I started writing this blog. I didn't get to see the match because I've been working like a Chinese slave in a sweat shop making shoes but I did see the highlights and I realized that we were quite bad yesterday. The good news is it probably doesn't matter all that much. We're still already qualified for the next round and I think we can play with any team that will still be in the competition so I'm not that worried. We can still finish top if we win the last game of the group stage and Sevilla gets a draw or a loss. You can bet they will be going all out to win though because I'd doubt they are as confident as we are in this tournament.

So as for the match, just a couple things. Their first goal was pretty much a gift from Senderos, who it appears I have been wrong about. I really thought he would be up to the task this year but it appears he has gone downhill from the Champion's League Final run two years ago. He just never looks comfortable and makes too many dumb mistakes. He can win headers and he can really put in some hard tackles but he gets sent off too much and makes mental mistakes and I think it might be time for him to be gone. Djourou will be coming back and maybe we could bring in another defender (still want Micah Richards).

The rest of the match I have no real comment on besides Eduardo's goal. He looked really cool and collected bringing down the cross and slotting it home and I wonder where in hell that has been all year. I know he hasn't played much but it never seems like he scores in a league match and he needs to bloody get on with it. Maybe this one will help him out some.

Arsene Wenger was sent to the stands in the match and he was a tad pissed about it. He said he didn't even know why he was sent off and then when they made him go he couldn't get into the stand and so he fumbled around wondering where to go.

"When I was down (on the touchline) I said it was naive to let him gain that time. The fourth official was really difficult for the whole game. I wanted to ask him why I had been sent off."

"I did not know where to go. I could not get in the stand."

King Kolo was pissed about the ref as well. He basically said that Sevilla were the diving Spanish twats that they are all the time and that the ref let them get away with it.

"The ref sometimes helped them but when you go away it is always like that but they deserved their win. We gave everything but that's the way football goes."

However, Kolo came through with a good leadership quote as he always does, saying:

"We knew that defeat would come but we need to start again and show character. To be a winner you need to come back from these hard things."

And that's exactly the attitude we need. Don't you just love our center backs right now?

That's about it. If you would like to share your thoughts about Big Phil go for it in the comments. Later.

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