Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bullard And Laursen Could Be Coming To Arsenal

Morning all. There is pretty much nothing at all to write about today. No signings, no new injuries (Thank God), and really no news at all. However, there is a story about the prospect of Jimmy Bullard of Fulham and Martin Laursen from Villa coming to Arsenal. Now I won't pretend to have discovered this story on my own, so full credit to Arseblogger if this story proves to be true. Arseblogger says he has heard from a reliable source that those are two players we are after. Now honestly they are two players that if you said, "Hey, how would you like to have Jimmy Bullard and Martin Laursen at Arsenal!?" I'd probably say I didn't really want them that much. Bullard has never seemed to be Arsenal calibre even though he's usually been one of the best players on the teams he's been on, if not the best. Laursen used to get injured all the time but he's been pretty healthy as of late, and is the Villa captain and playing very well.

There are a couple things that make this rumor strange to me. Arsene LOVES buying youth players, and Bullard and Laursen are 29 and 31 respectively. While they have Premier League experience, it has not for the most part been with clubs that are competing for top honors, with the exception of Laursen at Villa this year. Would they improve Arsenal or would it be another case like Silvestre, where he is another body but doesn't really improve the squad? Honestly if these are true I'll be a bit disappointed. I'm not one who needs big names to come into the club, but I do want to see really good players come in, even if they aren't well known. Just like Bacary Sagna and Eduardo. I don't think Bullard and Laursen are good solutions to our problems right now, and they certainly aren't the answer long term. What happened to signing Zapata in defense and Marcos Senna in midfield? I know that Senna is older but the way he performed in the Euros makes me think that he could certainly play an important piece for us until we find someone new or Denilson/Diaby grows into his role. I'm not saying that Bullard and Laursen aren't good players, I just don't think they are Arsenal-good.

In other news, we'll see a familiar face when we go to Shite Hart Lane later in the year, as Jermain Defoe has agreed a return to Sp*rs for 15 million quid. I wonder where they are getting this money yet Arsenal never spend any. They spent loads in the summer (and yes they got a lot in for Keane and Berbatov) and now they're spending more in January, yet Arsene acts like we're on the verge of bankruptcy everytime someone asks about signings. It pisses everyone off a bit but I won't complain as long as we get some good players in at some point this month.

Gooner Talk says the Andrei Arshavin deal could be complete with in the next ten days. In the next ten days Man City could have bought Ronaldo, Kaka, Messi, and David Villa, Keanu Reeves could star in a move that actually is good, and Rosie O'Donnell could actually lose weight, but it just isn't going to happen. I don't think the Arshavin thing will either.


GPS Justin said...

I don't think Villa would like to release their captain for us- as they're in a top 4 position, and Bullard would probably be another Silvestre. Either way, the chances of that story being true or one of them actually coming to Arsenal is tiny.

Jamesgillesp said...

I would like to see Laursen come in, he is a top qualit defender in my opinion. Justin has a point about Villa not wanting to let him go though. At the moment it seems a bit speculative.

jo said...

laursen definately! he is pure quality

Anonymous said...

i'd argue that laursen is better than anyone we have at cb. the guy has been world class since shaking off his injury problems, is greta in the air and can score goals. if we sold gallas or toure and bought laursen i think we'd have a great deal on our hands.

to be honest i've not seen much of bullard from what i have he seems a very hard worker and good. but i dunno just how good. i wouldn't complain if we did sign him for sure, he would surely better better right now at dm than anyone else we have, so with that in mind if he's cheap i'd be pleased.

i'm very curious about this arshavin rumour now. IF he does come and IF we keep our cbs then we're really only one dm short of having a phenomenal team, especially when fully fit.

sagna gallas djourou clichy
arshavin fabregas ___ nasri
van persie eduardo

a bench of vela walcott ade ramsey fabianski toure song

that's assuming tommy is never fit again and it leaves wilshere out. if you ask me that's a monstrously talented (if somewhat offensive :p) lineup.

Anonymous said...

ideally fabregas and nasri could somehow learn to play together in the middle or cesc and rosicky which would leave a space on the wing for vela wilshere or walcott.

but i won't hold my breath

GPS Justin said...

It says on the espnsoccernet transfers blog that Arshavin is threatening to buy himself out of Zenit St Petersburg- full story below:

Arsenal target Andrei Arshavin is threatening to buy himself out of his contract at Zenit St Petersburg or go on strike to secure his dream move to England, according to the Daily Express. But if manager Arsene Wenger baulks at the £20million asking price he can always turn to Portsmouth midfielder Niko Kranjcar and Everton's Mikel Arteta, as reported in The Sun. The Gunners have also offered striker Nicklas Bendtner and £5 million in cash to bring former Arsenal defender Matthew Upson back to the club from West Ham.

I haven't heard about Kranjcar and Upson, though. And these stories are all from different English newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Come on arsenal fans....can you seriously see us letting laursen go to you