Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Arshavin Isn't Coming to Arsenal, Eboue to Inter

Morning all. Remember wayyy wayyy back when we were supposedly after this young attacking midfielder that had been really impressive and the transfer saga was drawn out for over a month amid masses of speculation? Oh yeah, that was just this past summer with Samir Nasri. The same thing is now happening with Andrei Arshavin. Except this one has been even longer than the Nasri story. We've "been after Arshavin" since the Euros last summer and it's pretty much a struggle to even have to read through the articles about him coming anymore. I don't know how people can get excited reading transfer stories at all considering the amount pure shite that comes up on NewsNow and the like.

My personal feeling is this...if we were going to get Arshavin, the deal would have already been done and he would be here. What reason would there be that we wouldn't have completed the signing yet if we really wanted him? Some will say because his price is too high, but the price (20 million reportedly) is the same as it has always been reported so there should be no reason to expect it to change. Zenit have been very stubborn about the price they want for him and if Arsene isn't willing to pay that then he should move on to another target.

Arshavin's agent has not made things any easier either, constantly talking to the press and complaining about the lack of offers for his client. Now he's supposedly "warning Arsenal" because Zenit are trying to drive his price up. No shit. If anyone actually thinks Arshavin is worth 20 million they are mental. He does, thankfully, say that no clubs have made an offer for Arshavin, including Arsenal.

Zenit representatives had this to say:

"It's very difficult to discuss the Arshavin value.

"We want to get an adequate payment. We also need to see what player will be coming to us to replace Andrei."

Sky Sports reports that Zenit are currently talking to Arsenal about Arshavin yet in the article they produce no quotes to back up this statement.

It's all a bunch of crap and I almost feel sorry for the reporters who have to write stories about this same thing every single day. Then again I don't, because all of us have to read their useless shite every day.

Moral of the story is I don't think he'll be coming to Arsenal. Zenit want more than we are willing to pay and I can't see them lowering their price after keeping it the same for the last seven months. I really don't even know where he would fit into the squad. Yeah he could play in the middle while Cesc is out but what about when Cesc gets back? Of all of Wenger's "youth movement" the one I want to see lose playing time the least is Theo Walcott, so if Arshavin took his spot I wouldn't be happy at all.

In other news, Emmanuel Eboue says that Inter are interested in signing him. Hallelujah! Really though I can't see any legs to this story. Why would Jose Mourinho want to bring in Eboue? I guess if he really needed someone to keep the locker room entertained or something, but certainly not for his footballing prowess. If there is any truth to the story though then let's please ship him off as he brings nothing (or a little bit more than nothing, maybe) to the side.

Torino says that there is no chance that Alessandro Rosina will go on loan to Arsenal. Alrighty then, that clears that up.

Alright that's about enough for the day. Leave your thoughts on Arshavin, Eboue, Rosina, or anything else you wanna talk about. I swear I'll do a podcast one of these days when I get something interesting to talk about. For now though I'm going to go do pilates or something. I hear it will help my football. Cheers.


Nickname unavailable said...

you might be right in suggesting that Arshavin won't be coming (and i really wouldn't bet either way), but your main rationale for that is that his price is too high, and that nothing has changed. But things ave changed...and at the end of this season arshavin won't be worth too much since he can buy out his own contract. This is zenit's last chance to get him out for a healthy profit.
I won't be surprised if he's transferred in the 12-14 m quid region, unless citeh swoops in.

Anonymous said...

It will be the same old story this transfer window.
Despite making a profit in transfers for the last years and the Emerates being one of the most expensive places in the world to watch football
We will again spend nothing and take another step backwards while the likes of Spurs,Aston Villa splash out millions at a drop of a hat
If we dont buy and win nothing and finish outside the top 4 which is what will happen then the board and Wenger should come out and explain there actions
Since the invincibles we should have gone on to dominate for years to come but we have just gone backwards every year since

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say Arshavin isn't coming but really Wenger is just trying to wear down Zenit. Their valuation is 20M but what Wenger knows is that Zenit are a bit desperate to get rid of Arshavin because if they keep him, they still have to pay his wages with him being on some kind of player strike. So essentially they have a very expensive benchwarmer. Couple that with the fact that they spent record breaking of money to bring in Danny and Zenit are looking to make back some money fast. Wenger should play mind games and just lose interest by the end of the week if Zenit don't lower their price tag because reall for say 12-15M an go elsewhere and find as good if not better quality.

Mourinho might be interested in Eboue but he already brought in Muntari who is somewhat similar and a better player. I suppose with Vieira supposedly looking to be off-loaded to Lyon they need some bite in midfield but with the money Inter have they could do better than Eboue.

By the end of January I want to see Kolo sold for 10M to Citeh,Bendtner sold to whoever is insane enough to buy him and that money go towards the kitty to bid for either Shay Given or Robert Green, a top class defender and a midfielder or two.

GPS Justin said...

Wenger bidding for Arshavin is the wrong thing for him to do. Okay, it might add some strength into the midfield, but we still need that defensive midfield and defenders. Personally I don't want Arshavin to come to Arsenal because we're not lacking a striker or a attacking midfielder.

Anon 1252 was right- 'Since the invincibles we should have gone on to dominate for years to come but we have just gone backwards every year since'

If we do get Arshavin, sell Eboue, get Toulalan (from Lyon), and replace Gallas with some other Centre Back- can't name too many names here, maybe Richards from Man City.

Connolly's agent said...

I think Zenit's waiting for a wealthy side like Man City to swoop on Asshavings. So expect it to go on unitl the 31st of Jan, and then see him go to Man Ciy or Barca.

I hope we can end it before then. We really need more sigings, like a defensive guy who can tackle.

Anonymous said...

bet you feel like an utter prick now mate, not only has he come but he has been bloody brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise this is your last post... i wouldnt post anything else either.