Saturday, May 23, 2009

Relegation Battle Heats Up, ArseNole Around 1 More Year

Gooood morning everyone. It's pouring for like the 10th day straight here in what is supposed to be sunny Florida. Shite is insane in the membrane. I do have some good news though. I got an email this morning telling me that the domain was expiring in July, so I went and renewed it for another year, so I can at least guarantee you pretty average Arsenal coverage until July 22nd, 2010. How exciting is that? I think this summer will be a big one for the site. I'm thinking of changing some things up, adding some fun new stuff, getting a lot more and a lot better podcasts done, and maybe more. I'm calling it "taking it to the next level." I know, it's a really new and original name. So look forward to that.

So tomorrow is the last day of the Premier League season, and a pretty meaningless one for Arsenal. We play Stoke, and while it doesn't really matter and the grand scheme of anything at all, you always want to go out with a win. Fabianski will start in goal, while Samir Nasri and Emmanuel Adebayor will both miss out. Nasri has an injury, and Adebayor, well you can have your suspicions about why he is out again.

The more exciting matches take place for the teams at the bottom of the table, though, where Hull, Sunderland, and Newcastle could each be relegated on the last day of the season. Hull have a tough match against Manchester United, who even with a weakened side should be able to handle business against them. Aston Villa host Newcastle, who with a win will pretty much be safe, but Villa are tough even though they've been on a terrible run of form. Sunderland are pretty much safe, as they'd need both Newcastle and Hull to win to be worried, but they host Chelsea, so I'm expecting no better than a draw for them.

Who do you think will be going down? Obviously West Brom and Middlesbrough are doomed, but out of those three who do you think? I really hope it's Newcastle. I can't stand their fans who think they deserve to be in the Champions League just because they THINK they are a big club. I'd be bummed a bit to see Sunderland go down, as Newcastle and Hull are just filled with cunts and deserve to go down much more. Should be exciting though on Sunday.

So the FA Youth Cup first leg was yesterday, and Arsenal beat Liverpool 4-1 at home. Gilles Sunu, Jack Wilshere, Sanchez Watt, and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas all scored. So we take a hefty lead up to Anfield and I really want to thank the 33,000 Arsenal fans that came out to the Emirates to support the younglings. May 26th is the second leg, and it should be good entertainment with Liverpool needing to win by three goals at least.

The last bit of news for the day, which I personally am really excited about, is yesterday I got my tickets to AC Milan vs Club America in Atlanta July 22nd. I haven't even been able to see Kaka or Ronaldinho or Pato live and in person so it's really exciting. I'm going with my brother and we'll be painting our faces red and black. So that'll be fun.

If I don't get time for a match report tomorrow, enjoy the day full of matches, some much more important than others. Personally I'll be watching the Newcastle match, so sue me. Cheers all.

Song for the day, Rancid's "Last One to Die.":