Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phil Brown vs Cesc Fabregas

Morning all. After our great comeback against Hull all the talk has been about Cesc Fabregas' alleged spitting instead of our comeback win to get us to Wembley. It's a shame but that's just how the media is. I wanted to be a journalist once, then I realized that if I ever had to write bad things about the Jaguars or the Seminoles or the All Blacks or Arsenal then I'd want to stick my head in a fryer, so I decided I'd rather be a chef. Maybe Phil Brown should have stuck his head in a fryer at a young age too so we would never have to listen to his horrible lies.


So the story is as follows, apparently as the teams were walking down the tunnel, Phil Brown says that Cesc Fabregas came and spit at his assistant manager's feet. Cesc of course denies any such incident occured.

"I will leave it in the FA's hands for the time being - I will wait to see what they say," he told The Sun. I've absolutely nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. The simple fact is I did not spit at the assistant manager of Hull City."

And of course Cesc is completely right. Phil Brown was just pissed off that his team can't win a match to save their lives or their season and so he made up a story that he knew would be damaging because it's our captain, even though he didn't play in the match.

Phil Brown's story, on the other hand, went like this:

"The pictures in the national papers verify the aggression he was showing towards players and staff after the game."

"I could go on but I am not one for crying over spilt milk.

"I then witnessed him going down the tunnel and turning around and spitting at my assistant manager's feet.

"Whichever way you want to look at it, he addressed that spitting incident at my assistant manager, who has managed probably 1,200 games in his career. Disgraceful act.

"I am not going to report it, I am not going tittle-tattling to the FA - if they want to investigate that is their decision, and if Brian Horton wants to take it further he will get the full support of Hull City."

The problem is that he DID go report it and the FA IS investigating the incident, or lack thereof. He's spent the last two days moping about telling anyone who will listen how terrible Arsenal is and how they need to be punished for doing nothing wrong. If Cesc had spit at Phil Brown he's still be right, because Phil Brown clearly deserves it, the cunt.

Brown also claimed that Arsene Wenger refused to shake his hand after both of the matches against Hull in the league this year, even though there is video and pictorial evidence showing that handshakes did indeed take place. He also decided criticizing Cesc's attire would help his case, which is totally unfair because I think, in a non-gay way of course, that Cesc looked quite good in his jacket and jeans, while Phil Brown looks more like Vince with ShamWOW.

The headset really makes the resemblance there. In fact that's possibly the only thing they have in common, but whenever I see Phil Brown and his queer headset I think of Vince with ShamWOW.

The moral of the story is that Phil Brown is a cunt, who's charges will not lead to any punishment against Arsenal or our beloved captain, and it would be nice if he would just do the world a huge favor and pour meat all over him and jump into a tank full of sharks.

Champions League draw is tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for Barcelona but I think most of you want Porto or Villareal. I want to see Henry come home though. Plus I think we can take Barca. Maybe I'm just hoping, but I can see it happening. Cheers all.


Mike said...

If Brown had wanted this to be believed, he should have chosen another player to blame! If he had said Bendtner, or Eboue, or Gallas, or even Diaby had spit on him I would have been more likely to have bought it. But Cesc is a total professional. He's one of the last guys I would expect it out of.

On a more enjoyable subject, how solid is Arshavin working out for us? I expected him to be good, but he is adding so much to the squad and so soon. We always hear about players needing time to adjust to the Prem, but this guy has hit the ground running. His experience is really a welcome addition as well. After the first goal, instead of celebrating Arshavin was urging everyone to get back to their positions so we could get the game restarted and get that winning goal. I absolutely LOVED that.

Connolly's agent said...

Don't know why everyone's so worked up about the spitting/Brown episode. The guy's just lost a FA Cup tie that, if he'd won, would've made him a legend at Hull. So he's a bit emotional and lashed out without thinking. Happens to us all.

I'm not a fan of Cesc's jacket. Never liked PVC. Prefer a corduroy jacket or a trenchcoat myself.

Anonymous said...

So brown is a liar and the only video evidence you want to link to is a handshake.
you know the other spitting that didnt happen according to fabrecator. why not link to that?
he shouldnt have been on the pitch and a peterboro player got banned for doing the same thing recently. but you ignore that. never mind the way he was fronting hull city players aggressively. that was wrong too. and he was dressed more like an italian football hooligan or a boxer than a sportsman.
5 people saw the spitting. Brown would not lie about something like that get real. No manager would. But fabregas has done this before and will do it again.

ArseNole said...

To anonymous,

Michael Ballack never has said that Fabregas spit on him to start, so your accusation that he has done it before is wrong. Secondly, the game was over and Cesc was going with the team that he IS captain of down the tunnel. Third, Phil Brown lied about Wenger shaking hands, so he would probably lie about something else, which even HE says he didn't see. Fourth, please kill yourself and save someone the trouble.

Make the world a better place, punch a Hull fan in the face.

job said...