Monday, November 3, 2008

Arsene, It's Time For Change!

As Samuel L. Jackson would say, "Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these motherf$%&ing goals from these motherf$%&ing teams!" 2-1 to f'ing Stoke City? You've gotta be kidding me. This is Arsenal Football Club? I'm halfway convinced it's just random people pretending to be a quality football club. The time is right to realize that there are holes in this squad and in this club that need to be addressed.

As almost every single Arsenal fan knew over the summer, when we lost Gilberto, Hleb, and Flamini we needed to sign some replacements. Arsene, however, decided he didn't need replacements for any of them. While Walcott has been better than Hleb on the right side, it still puts more pressure on him to play more games with little to no cover behind him in the squad in the form of Eboue. Gilberto was our experienced leader and a good defensive midfielder who had seen just about everything there was to see in the Premiership, yet he was let go for a minimal fee. Flamini you can't do much about because he could leave if he wanted, but after he does leave, a replacement needs to be brought in. The squad just isn't deep enough to have three key players leave and everything be ok without getting replacements for them.

Arsene continually says this is the most talented squad he has ever managed, but this clearly can't be the case. Let's compare the starting eleven from the invincibles team to the team Arsene says is his most talented team, the current one. The one in bold is, in my opinion, the better player at the position. Left back for me is a toss up because they are/were both brilliant.

Goalkeepers: Jens Jehmann - Manuel Almunia

Right back: Lauren - Bakary Sagna

Center back: Toure/Campbell - Toure/Gallas

Left back: Ashley Cole - Gael Clichy

Right Midfield: Freddie Ljungberg - Theo Walcott

Center Midfield: Patrick Vieira - Denilson

Center Midfield: Gilberto Silva - Cesc Fabregas

Left Midfield: Robert Pires - Samir Nasri

Striker: Dennis Bergkamp - Robin van Persie

Striker: Thierry Henry - Emmanuel Adebayor

You may not agree with all of those but I think most people who watched that team in 03/04 will agree that almost that whole starting XI is better than our current one. There is a serious lack of talent right now when you consider what we used to have. And Arsene wants us to believe that the current squad is the best he's ever managed? You're having a laugh. With the exception of Cesc, Sagna, and Clichy, where are the top class players in the squad? It seems lately that Arsene has a habit of buying injury-plagued underachievers (see RvP, Rosicky, Diaby).

You'd like to think that with our talent level going down, our wages would have gone down as well, but this isn't the case. The wages actually rose from last year to this one, even though we lost three big players for us. Who are we paying all that money to? Not many of them deserve a raise and quite a few deserve a pay cut probably.

Arsene Wenger has confused me so badly with the moves he has made the past few years. Some moves were good yes, it was the right time to sell Ljungberg, Vieira, and Henry, but his buying has to be brought into question. It seems as though he wants to sell, sell, sell and never buy to replace. Anyone that has played a couple hours of Football Manager in their life knows that you can't just have a starting eleven and nobody to back them up because injuries and suspensions happen.

What are we going to hear next year, that Jack Wilshere is like a "new signing" because he's 17 now and not 16? I'm sick of all that. It'd be ok if we were doing well with what we have Arsene but we aren't, we're losing to Fulham, Hull, and Stoke City. I want to know the REAL reason we don't sign anybody! It isn't because there is no money available, and all Arsene says is "we couldn't find the right player." Well come on Arsene, I could have found a lot of better players than Silvestre in defense!

It's f'ing ridiculous that we can't even secure wins over the likes of Hull at home and Stoke City. In years past they'd be walkover games that we didn't have to worry about, but now we look at the fixture list and say "oh shite, tough game against Torquay in the cup this weekend, hope we can grind out a result." If only that really was the fixture list. The real one contains Man U, Chelsea, Man City, and Aston Villa this month. It could get ugly. The way things are going right now, it will get ugly. Do something about it Arsene.


Anonymous said...

ur so right
we hav 30 million 2 spend on 1 player if we wanted but no, stick 2useless Galas and Adebayor
if i wuz the manager
i wud of sold adebayor for 30 million and got david villa
and denilson isnt the best in midfieldAlonso wud be gr8
forget Gallas and buy a decent CB
along toure
and buy sum1 decent in attack!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to sanity you muppet. How has it not occured to you before? Did you really think we were building a title winner?

aaditya said...

it's definitely not a prem league team. i think we all recognized that at the start of the season itself. but lets be positive. i think we will perform better against manu and chelsea than against hull and fulham simply because manu and chelsea will try to attack from open play and that will leave spaces for us to score as well. gallas is shite, but toure silvestre isnt all that bad. denilson is good, and we do have so many upcoming players. the one mistake wenger made however that will really cost us was to sell gilberto. he had the experience to keep the team steadied and he loved arsenal with all hs heart. he wouldnt have minded not making many starts

Anonymous said...

we dont need a striker, remember Eduardo? yes we need to sell that cunt of gallas n buy mertesacker, we need to replace denilson by say aquiliani...

Connolly's agent said...

Youire talkıg nonsenseç Thereis no way Toureıs better than Toureç.

Anonymous said...

So because we don't have a team as good as the best team ever assembled in English football history we should stop supporting the team? It will be a very long time until that record is broken. Stop with all this doom and gloom and start supporting the team and porviding constructive criticism.

ArseNole said...

anon 350- didn't say we needed a striker

anon 7:15- you're an idiot. Did I ever say stop supporting them you moron? Once you learn to read and make valid points then feel free to comment again. The whole article is constructive criticism. If you're happy with losses to Stoke, Hull and Fulham that's good for you but the rest of us want to see something resolved

The Gay Girls Guide / Leanne Hurley said...

who says we stop looking backwards and start looking forward? what good is all the fantastic football we've been privileged enough to enjoy if it is going to be used as a rod to beat the current team to death? what we need now is to support and trust Wenger...a few bad months in over a decade does not a pattern make